This website Is both a biography and portfolio for Jazmine Khan's videography, photography and entertainment career.

Jazmine Khan is an 19 year old trans girl from Vancouver, Canada on a mission to aid in the fight for the equality of the sexes. Since the age of 14, Jazmine has been a transgender rights activist and representative of various minorities, she has worked alongside multiple organizations and groups to aid in local trans awareness and acceptance, as well as on a global scale by collaborating with queer personalities online.

Jazmine has also been spreading awareness through her various media ventures on TV, radio and in film. She was one of the youngest producers for a television series in Canada, and also she was one of the youngest radio broadcasters in the city.


Jazmine Khan has always been one of those people interested in documenting things, but it never occurred to her that her life is worth documenting until recently.

In August 2010, Jazmine came out as a transgender girl to the world and much to her surprise was shut out by her friends and family. She was kicked out of her home, being forced into homelessness at the age of 14.

With no support, friends or people willing to listen to her she turned to the internet for support and eventually, found YouTube. A website where people of all colors, genders, and sexualities shared their lives in video form. She was amazed at the impact a few people carrying their cameras around with them had on society and the media. And she wanted to be a part of this online movement to freedom of self expression.

Jazmine then started her YouTube channel. She kept the channel name simple, the content even simpler, and started posting little vlogs. Realizing that she could make a change by posting these videos of her, she continued!

She started filming herself going through her transition... Something she had been looking for on the internet, but never found. Taking her camera with her almost everywhere, she wanted to show others what it is REALLY like to be transgender. What it is really like to become a girl.

Just over a year later, in September 2011, Jazmine got her first opportunity to start her transition for real with the option of using hormone blockers and she upped her video game. Increasing the regularity as well as the content of the videos, Jazmine amassed 200,000 views within 6 months of showing the true transgender process, something that is rarely shown so publicly.

Jazmine has been making videos for over four years now, having gained a combined total of over 3000 subscribers, and 300,000+ video views, she continues documenting her life and sharing her journey with the world.

More recently though, she has taken forth giant steps in her career. After a year of working for a reputable production company that produced the OutTv interstitial content show "The Sassy Scoop" for which she was the head videographer and editor, she spread her wings and went solo, now catering to small businesses and private clients who need videos made or pictures taken.

She has also been expanding herself in the entertainment industry. From leading in short films, to hosting large music events, Jazmine does it all. She is trying to make a name in Hollywood North by any means, whether that be hosting, stand-up,acting or modelling.


Q: What exactly is it that you DO?
Broadly speaking, I am a jack of all trades. I am a trained videographer, an experienced photographer as well as a professional editor.

I have hosted a plethora of events including: Music Events, Stand-up Performances, Vigils, Youth Oriented Events and More!

I have also been in several television, internet and documentary interviews regarding my gender identity and my hobby of being a YouTuber.

Q: Will your gender identity affect your work?
Short answer, no.

Long answer, I have never allowed my personal life to distract or affect my work in any negative way. However, I have allowed my personal life to influence the career choices I have pursued. For example, my experiences as a youth who was kicked because of their sexuality propelled me into activism work for queer youth.

More specifically, I pledged to myself that I would work for the rest of my life to ensure no gay, bisexual or transgender child goes through the torturous experiences that I went through after I came out.

Being trans just makes me more aware of myself and the people around me.

Q: What are your prices?
My prices vary depending on the event, person or organization. Inquire for an estimate the services listed below.

Videography, Editing, Photography, Social Media Marketing, Video Production Assistance.

Hosting, Comedy Stand-Up, Acting, Modelling, Social Media Marketing Sponsorship.

To contact me about any of these services, email me at Mail(at)Jazminekhan.com